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Mistress Jules Lifestyle Control – A Taster

If you are brave enough to want to spend a day under my control, it will not be easy and I will expect much from you.  Here is a taster of some of the things you will go through.


6.30am – Get up and send Mistress a photo of your locked penis to verify your locked status.

6.35am – Write Mistress an email of no less than 200 words explaining why you are so thankful that Mistress is spending time on ensuring you do exactly as you are told.  Mistress must receive this email by 6.55am

7.00am – Mistress will reply to your email and tell you what you will be wearing that day.

7.30am – send verification photograph to Mistress to confirm you are dressed appropriately.

7.45am – receive email from Mistress telling you what you may eat for breakfast, if you may have breakfast at all.

After that depends on what your situation for that day is.  If you are working then Mistress will ensure that you are reminded of your lowly status throughout the day at appropriate moments.  If you are not working then Mistress may devise some requirements for you that will ensure you remember your place in Mistress Jules world.

If you would like to spend a day under the control of Mistress Jules please book your day in advance so preparations can be made and information of the time you have available may be taken into consideration.  We wouldn’t want you to have put in a butt plug just before you go to the gym now would we?

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