Mistress Jules Musings

The Unexpected Moment

Yesterday lockit and myself went on a little excursion in the evening and it struck me sitting beside him as we were being driven around that this was one of those moments.

It wasn’t a Wow moment or an epiphany moment, it was just a moment when I realised that we were together, doing something for ourselves.  No work, no kink, no families, no obligations, no anything apart from him and me taking time to be together as a couple.  It was like a bubble of time, enjoying just being together, holding hands, laughing, watching the world go by.

How often do moments like this happen?

Not often enough, there always seems to be family, work, preparations, underlying expectations.  To have that moment of time when you are just spending time with each other away from day to day life was priceless.

Do you have a favourite time that turned into an unexpected moment?

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