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Chastity Cage versus Rabbit

Last night started with us watching the Michael Douglas film The Game.  For our evening together I decided Lockit would be locked of course but that he would also be wearing collar and cuffs which were chained together to restrict his movement.

The only movement I required from him whilst we were watching the movie was to give me a footrub.  This he managed admirably and pretty much for the duration of the whole movie.  His drinking of tea however was a tad hampered as were other simple tasks, due to the length of the chain coming from the collar through the cuffs.

After the movie had finished we sat and chatted and I teased him with my spare foot rubbing on his cage and the dressage whip and suede flogger that I just happened to have close by.  Having wound him up suitably using this method I declared that it was time for bed as we both had busy days today.

I was kind enough to let him remove the collar and cuffs to undress then replaced them before joining him in bed.

As he very subtly let me know that he would be happy to please me, I chatted to him as if nothing was further from my mind.  My right hand however had reached for the bedside cabinet and acquired an item that was in no way meant for me that night.

I intimated that I was ready for sleep and he should get comfortable, knowing that he always relaxes lying on his back first.  Once he had relaxed I moved to kiss him good night and placed the rampant rabbit on his device at the first setting.  The reaction was immediate and satisfying as he immediately bucked against the rabbit and moaned.

Switching on the bedside light I threw back the covers and positioned the rabbit with its two little ears each in a space on the device touching his straining flesh and the shaft of the device going down below his balls towards his ass.

Time to explore the settings.  The first three are just speed settings, after that however the vibrations begin to have patterns.  One of the most delicious to watch is the one where there is a low slow beat to the vibration for a few beats then a very long fast buzz. This repeating is so much fun to watch as relaxation for the first vibes is replaced with a thrust and moan when the high speed kicks in.

There are quite a few variations on the rabbit and I went through them all at least 3 times, sometimes putting more pressure on his balls and ass, other times making sure those little ears were doing their worst on his poor little locked cock.

Bless him he did try to warn me that he was about to cum, I didn’t hear him until it was too late, I was having way too much fun watching him writhe and moan.   It makes is doubly fun when the chains rattle as they go through the loop on the collar.  This of course means I forgot to take photographs until he was all cleaned up and flaccid but I thought you might like to see how it was done.


After he was done cleaning up, he was allowed to go to sleep.  How much sleep he got being locked, collared and cuffed, I don’t know, he was up this morning when required which was all I cared about.

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