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Be Careful Of Online Experts

It’s amazing how this online world can warp your perspective of what is possible and acceptable.  From online personas pretending to be someone they are not whether for their own pleasure or for personal gain to fraudsters and fantasists of so many different varieties.

Sometimes these keyboard warriors can become quite abusive and threatening and although you know they are only names on a screen, it can come as quite a shock to be at the receiving end of such vitriol.

That’s why I keep this place relatively quiet and as real as possible.  There are quite a few of us out there who are real and want to speak to other real people to compare experiences or ask advice.  Unfortunately, the real voices can quickly get drowned by those of the online wannabes, spouting their ill informed “expertise”.

A classic was one I heard of at a flogging class, he knew so much until he lifted a flogger and flailed about with it.  The person teaching asked how long he had been doing this and he said about 3 years.  When asked to clarify, he had been advising people online how to flog for years but had never held a flogger or hit someone with it.

Just as these people can warp your expectations, they can also target you to distract from their lack of real experience.  If you see someone on a forum who has not been seen out at events or met others in real life and they are attacking someone who has, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. 

Take care online, especially if you are looking for advice.  Find people who go to munches and events, go to munches and events yourself but always take online advice with a pinch of salt if you don’t know the person is real.

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