Male Chastity

Prospective New Slave Visits

Yesterday was a full on kink day and it was such great fun. 

We were attending club in the evening and I was meeting with a prospective slave to see how we got on.  As he will be in chastity it is important to make sure we are both going to be happy with the way things are going forward.

The meeting with the prospective slave was arranged for 2pm and it was held at the Dungeon.  We only had the chamber for half an hour so things moved rather quickly.  He did very well on arrival bringing me a gift of wine and home made cookies.  If you have been reading my page and forum for a while you will know I love cake so you can imagine how pleased I was that he had taken the time to do such a thing for me.

He locked into the device and I took some photographs for my collection.  At that point, I decided that my heels were just too much and slipped off my shoes.  He then offered to rub my feet which I gratefully accepted and allowed him one foot to deal with while I finished my cookie resting on the chaise. 

Unfortunately, the time we had was so short that we were unable to do much more than sort out a very basic regime to begin and see how we get on.  I received his first email this morning and things are looking good so far. 

Watch this space to keep up to date with our progress and to see my report on club last night.

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