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Escape and Suitable Punishment

Things started so well and everything was comfortable.  However, after a couple of days with the wriggle room that the plastic lock allowed there was an escape.  Not a voluntary escape but an escape nonetheless. 

This happened the same time as he had written a full email then deleted just before the deadline to send it to me.  He was not having a good morning.  In the email he apologised and advised that he would get a padlock to ensure he stayed locked for the duration and that he would verify as soon as possible.

Verification seemed to take most of the day as I did not hear until evening, by which time I was beginning to wonder if he had given up. 

I received the verification photograph and an apology asking how he could redeem himself.  It is always useful to know how a chaste male thinks he can serve his Mistress so I asked him what he thought would be a suitable redemption task.

Unfortunately, he came back with the standard punishment exercise of a 500 word essay based on chastity.  Not to worry, this was the first time he had to think of such a thing so I decided to show him how he could be more useful.  He was sent out to get three photographs of 3 different flowers from three different locations.  These photographs can be used as screensavers of a vanilla nature on my computer, which is actually useful to me. The photographs are really good and I am very pleased with them.

At present he still has the keys to the padlock as we need to see just how long he can wear the device full time.  We will gradually place the keys in varying safe places as time goes on, but for now safety is best.


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