Travelling Tomorrow, Best Behaviour Gentlemen

Today has been a day of mixed blessings.  Lockit is working today and will probably not be back until this evening so I have been by myself for a lot of today. 

In saying that, I have done what needed to be done to get the most pressing of work matters finished and now I am sitting down to do some more writing.  It is quite pleasant here now with the sun shining and the wind blowing, certainly compared to the rain and wind earlier in the day.

My new possible chaste male seems to be doing well in his locked condition although he does seem to be suffering terribly throughout the night.  That of course is to be expected and something that most chaste males go through as they adjust to their new locked life.

Packing has begun for the trip to London with the basics already done and only the finer details remaining to be packed.  One of those finer details is this laptop that will be getting put away later this evening and will not reappear until tomorrow evening when I am in London. 

Do behave whilst I am away and let’s not have any emergencies or silliness until I am back online tomorrow night.

Have fun gentlemen and prepare for punishments if I don’t like what you have been up to in my absence.

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