London Munch

Welcome to Saturday morning from sunny London.  It’s relatively early on Saturday morning and I have been up for some time doing some writing for the vanilla side of my life.  Lockit is about to be wakened from his slumbers and will take over tea making duties for the rest of the day. 

The good intentions that we had of going to Club Pedestal just didn’t seem to matter at all on Thursday night after our arrival in London.  The brains were willing but the bodies were oh so weak and went to bed instead.

Tonight however, there is a munch in London that I would like to attend.  It doesn’t seem too far away from us so I think we may have a plan forming as to what is happening tonight.  Ok, not so much of the “we”, more I know what I want to do, now all he has to do is make it happen.

It will be so much fun meeting new people from the scene, especially in London where all we have done up until now is attend clubs.  So if you are out and about at a munch keep your eyes open and listen for the Scottish Accent, who knows, it may be me sitting over there.

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