Lazy Sunday next week it’s the LAM

Unfortunately, the munch didn’t happen last night, it seems driving down from Scotland is way more tiring that originally thought.

What has happened is that we have decided to go to the LAM instead on Sunday 6th August.  Having been there once before we have a rough idea of what happens and will be able to relax and enjoy it this time.  So if you are attending the LAM, keep an ear out for the Scottish accent, who knows, it may be me.

Today has been taken up with some relaxing time together as a vanilla couple, I have even baked a cake.  This evening there will be footrubs, massages some rather delicious cake and some very special time together.

Later this week I am going to be doing a very special photoshoot so keep your eyes peeled for that.  It won’t be tomorrow as he is working and I need him to chauffeur me about London for the photoshoot. 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and remember, you don’t need to have orgasms, you only want to have them.  No orgasms until I want you to have them.

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