Male Chastity

Update on New Chaste Male

My prospective chaste male has done so very well this week, I am very pleased with his progress.  He has kept everything clean and tidy and has been very careful with my property.  Emails and verification have been sent when required with suitable redemption actions on the one occasion when an unlock was required.

Unfortunately, he had a slight accident whilst out cycling in the rain, thankfully he was not seriously injured but it did bring to the fore the need for the availability of an emergency key.

It is all very well saying you wish your Mistress to have complete control and no access to an emergency key, however this is really not practical.  You will have previously read on here that Lockit was in a motorcycle accident and the ambulance man was very decent to him and cut off the padlock before he got to A & E.  Not all ambulance men will be so accommodating I don’t think. 

We now have another incident that could easily have resulted in the same situation, not something that we are looking to have happen to anyone.

Safety gentlemen is paramount, you will have access to a safety key, you will unlock every so often for hygiene and safety.  I am certainly not going to aid you in contracting dick rot and if you do not have the sense to know that then you are a liability. 

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