Male Chastity

Are You A Chastity Player or a Chastity Stayer?

Now that the first glow of chastity has begun to wear off and you are getting a tad frustrated, how long do you think you will last?

Another day, a few hours, minutes?   Once the initial sexual thrill has abated, being locked seems to be a whole different ballgame.  Now you start to notice the pain, the discomfort and that never ending urge to unlock and furiously masturbate until you reach that wonderful fulfilment of orgasm.

Looking at it logically, why on earth are you going about with your dick in some plastic or steel cage preventing you from peeing in comfort and making you hornier than you thought possible.

You are doing it gentlemen because one of the few pleasures we women have in this world is to stop you being Wankers!

We know you watch porn all the time, panting at the screen like a dog in heat, one hand on the mouse and the other on your dick.  We know that you fantasise about us in fetishwear or wielding a big whip and we much prefer that you have your dick locked away nice and tight.

You may talk about all your exploits and fantasies as much as you want on the forum, (link to the right of the page) but as for being allowed to cum in real life, that is not happening any time soon.

Think about it, the gentleman who gifted me theatre tickets was rewarded by being locked up in his new device overnight for the first time.  How do you think I would reward someone who doesn’t spoil me? 

So how long do you think you will last in chastity gentlemen?  Are you a player or a stayer?

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