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London Alternative Market Visit

Today was the London Alternative Market (LAM) and we were looking forward to seeing what was available for play and punishment.  This would be the first time I had been to the new venue so we checked the address and put it in the sat nav just in case.

When going to an event in London, it makes sense to check for events, especially events that close roads in central London like the World Athletics Championships Marathon.  Thankfully when my navigational skills using the sat nav failed dismally, Lockit was able to use his expertise to find an alternate route or four.

When we eventually arrived, the place was buzzing.  We got admitted very quickly with one of those paper wristbands to show that we had paid.  The lady on the door advised us to start at the bottom, as the sub basement floor would be the one cleared first for the after party.   First on the agenda was to get a cold drink after being in the car 3 times longer than we thought we would be.

After that we headed downstairs and started exploring.   The sub basement was definitely the area for impact play with Jacks Floggers, Affordable Leather and Amelia Hawke to name but a few.  Amelia was there in person although I didn’t manage to talk to her at this event, I am sure I shall manage at another time.  Having checked out a number of whips, floggers and dragon tails, I couldn’t decide which one I wanted most.  I certainly don’t need any of them but I definitely want them.

Upstairs to the basement and there were clothing and jewellery stalls on this level with some impact implements as well.  There was the most fabulous range of latex along this corridor which I was very tempted by however, with the temperature being ridicuously high, this was not the time to try it on.

Toilets were on this level with some very nice notices reminding that this was a consensual over 18s event and also that there was no photography at all.

Back up to the ground floor where there was a variety of clothing and toys surrounding a large seating area where people had settled to catch up with friends and chat.  Again I was sorely tempted and had a discussion with the lady from Daisy’s Floggers about the impossibility of having too many impact toys.  The consensus was that this was impossible.  There were also some very shiny insertables for lockit on this level but that is a story for another day.

This is a great new venue and I loved the touch of a “baddie” bag when we left.  Definitely something to be doing the next time I am in London.

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