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When Failing is not Failure

Today I received an email from one of my new chaste males.  It was very sweet and apologetic, telling me that last night when he had been unlocked to relieve some irritation he had been unable to control himself.

He has respectfully asked to be removed from my training programme and apologised for his failure.

He has absolutely not failed, he has been chaste the whole time I have been away in London and we were to meet this week to continue his training together.  No one manages to go straight into 24/7 lockdown and no one is expected to. 

That I had not offered release was for a reason, there is only so long anyone can go at first and it is good to find that out as soon as possible. I find that by completely ignoring the possibility of release at first it gives a good indication of how long someone can both wear a device and go without release as a matter of course.

It is a shame that he has gone but that is to be expected.  Most wish only to experience some sort of control to experiment with at first.  I am hopeful he will return one day but if not, I am sure someone else will wish to take his place very shortly.

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