Mistress Jules Musings

A Generous Mistress

One of my chaste males is on holiday with his friends at the moment so he cannot be locked at this time.  He is still to be chaste although I did give him the chance for pleasure on one condition.

If he meets a female who is willing to have sex with him then he may enjoy himself to the fullest.  I do expect him to be truthful and tell me if this happens. If it does then on his return he will of course be locked and I shall prepare a suitable training routine for him to ensure he knows that this was a one off opportunity.

I could of course have demanded that he stay chaste the whole time however that would not have given him much incentive to enjoy his holiday to the fullest.  At least this way I know that he will treat ladies with respect and behave well towards them in the hope that he will get the opportunity to enjoy their favours.

Once he returns he will of course refocus on my wants and desires and that is as it should be.  Just to remind him I took a photograph of me working at my desk, I am sure it will have the desired effect.  

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