Serving Your Mistress

Helping Bathe Your Mistress

When your Mistress wishes to bathe, how do you serve?

Do you run a bath, warm the towels, check what bath products she requires?  These are all simple things which are a service to your Mistress.

Let’s take you through the simple services you can provide for your Mistress bathing.

First you should always keep an eye on the bathroom and the bathing products within.  Mistress will not always want you with her when she bathes so there is the possibility some products may need renewed.

You should of course know already which products Mistress enjoys best, if not some options range from the simple Radox muscle soak salts or bubble bath to Lush bath bombs and variations in between.  Some do not wish products in their bath preferring to bathe in pure water.  If your Mistress prefers products ensure there is a plentiful supply with choices available.

Next step is to learn how to draw a bath for Mistress.  If Mistress likes the bath really hot, will she be able to get in the bath at that temperature or will the bath need to be cooler for her to enter then hot water added?  Does Mistress prefer hot water first to be cooled or cold water first to be heated up?

Washing accoutrements.  Is there a certain body mitt, loofah, sponge or cloth that Mistress prefers?  If you don’t know then find out and make sure there is a spare.

Headwear is important especially if Mistress has long hair.  Does she tie it up, wrap it in a towel, wear a shower cap? 

Towels can make or break a bath.  If you set out what is ostensibly the oldest towel in the cupboard as opposed to the luxurious new fluffy bath sheet bought purely for the purpose of enveloping a newly bathed Mistress, you may well invoke her ire.   Make sure you know which towels are required and ensure they are available, preferably warmed.

Footwear is also something that can make a huge difference to the end of a bathing session.  Does Mistress have mules or comfortable footwear for after a bath?  Find out and ensure they are clean and ready for use whenever required.

These services although written for someone with their Mistress at the time, they are also useful for those in distance relationships.  You can send your Mistress bath bombs, towels, robes etc so you know that when she is bathing you are part of her enjoyment.

I hope this has helped you in your desire to serve your Mistress well.

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