Mistress Jules Musings

From Nice to Cruel in two words

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can change from normal vanilla Jules into cruel Mistress Jules?

Sitting online speaking to lockit a few nights ago, there were things happening that I had to deal with on the computer.  It was later than normal for me and I was yawning good style.  Lockit was there being supportive then he posted on messenger “Guess What”

Immediately my mindset changed and the reply was “I don’t care but if you say you are going to bed and leaving me here you will be locked without a break for at least a week”.  Now, we all know he can do this but he is working this week which would have made things much more difficult for him.

I was surprised at how quickly I changed from nice to wicked with just a thought that he was going to leave me on my own at the end of a computer.

Obviously, he did not go and kept me company until I was done. 

Just thought I would put that out there as a warning for you guys, females can turn, very quickly if you say the wrong thing.   Although I am sure you have guessed that by now.

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