Mistress Jules Musings

I Smile A Little Smile

It’s very strange sometimes as a keyholder when you stop to think.  When you think of those men with their dicks in a cage.  Some say it’s all to please me, I think we all know it’s not.  It’s a sexual fetish for men in the most part.  A fantasy of a domineering woman taking control of their manhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the thought that the guys are locked up, I am fed up of the mindless masturbation society.  It’s degrading to women and reduces enjoyment for men as they scroll through endless amounts of media to get that one picture or video that will put them over the edge.

I enjoy the attention I receive from my locked guys and the fact that unlike others, they know I am not interested in how horny they are.  I am interested in hearing how much they appreciate me, how much better they feel now they are chaste.  Crude and obscene is not something I want from my guys and they all know that.

When I stop to think, I smile a little smile and carry on my way, knowing that out there my guys are thinking of me.  That makes me happy.

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