Serving Your Mistress

Visiting Your Mistress

Isn’t it glorious when you get to spend time with your Mistress?  When you get to see her as a real person, not just the person at the end of the phone or email?

Imagine if you will coming into the room where your Mistress is seated, waiting for you.  As you approach on your hands and knees, head bowed, you begin to smell her scent.  That special perfume you gave her mixed with that heady mixture of leather and polish from her boots and whip.

As you get closer you can hear the gentle tap of the whip on the side of her boot, is she getting impatient with your crawling speed?  Or is she enjoying the feel of the whip in her hand and looking forward to using it on you.

Finally, at the very edge of her vision you see the toe of the boot on the floor.  Shiny black leather with laces going upwards.  As you come closer you spy the heel of the other boot swinging carelessly from a leg crossed over the other. 

You know if you just raise your head slightly you will be able to see the top of her stockings, that tantalising touch of flesh above.  The punishment for taking such a liberty would be instant and harsh but you still can’t help wondering if it would be worth it.

The last few inches seem to take for ever to cover, trembling you lower your head and gently kiss the toe of the boot on the floor. 

“Mistress, I beg to serve at your pleasure”. Your shoulders relax, your breathing calms, you are where you should be, where you want to be and in your rightful place. 

Holding your breath, awaiting instruction you tremble as you hear your Mistress inhale, ready to speak.

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