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Four Years On

It’s just past my 4th year of realising I am a dominant female and finding out about the joys of male chastity. 

I joined Chastity Mansion at the end of October 2013, no idea what I was doing but looking to learn and learn fast. Thanks to help from a number of people, I found my niche.

From information gained from very helpful people, I found Fetlife which led me to my local group and the local scene. Imagine my joy when I found a club held at a real live pro dungeon. Even better this club was completely non-sexual activities only. What a great place for a new Mistress whose favourite play is chastity.

At that time, I was keyholder for a number of locked boys via online and distance methods. Some of them I managed to meet up with at the club or other events. 

I even put a free draw on Chastity Mansion to win a padlock with no keys. There was a member here who told me he would win as it was destined. I laughed and used a random number generator to make sure he didn’t. He did and is now my slave/partner/fiancée lockit.

We live hundreds of miles from each other but that doesn’t seem to matter. Who would have thought you would find a life partner on a site like CM? I certainly didn’t but I am so glad we found each other.

Life has changed in many ways since I first joined. I became a professional Dominatrix, wrote some books on male chastity to tell it from a rather less extreme viewpoint than some. Bought into the pro dungeon that holds the club I attend, sold my half a couple of years later.

Two of my longest serving submissives have left me to get married, it is great to see them so happy in their lives. Even better to know that their partners have been introduced to male chastity and my boys know how to ensure their safety and comfort whilst being locked.

I wonder what the next four years will bring? If it’s anything like the last four, it is sure to be fun.

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