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Where Are All The Gentlemen?

Do you like interacting with females on websites?  Do you want to have a real conversation or are you just there to wank off?

I am a member of a few kink/fetish orientated websites.  I found it a great place to get to know people and find ideas for play. 

Over the last few years I have noticed that those websites have changed in tone quite a bit. Very few of them now involve female members.  Most of the posts have become fantasy wank fodder.  As this has continued the fantasies have become more extreme.  As the fantasies become more extreme, females are less and less involved in these sites and it ends up being a bunch of guys trying to outdo each other with fantasies.

Sometimes the females on these sites are actually males masquerading as females.  These are quite easily spotted by females, however the horny male seems unable to differentiate.  There are also a great number of scammers, looking to get you to join a different site where you pay to interact with them and they take you for everything they can.

As sex dolls become more sophisticated and guys lose their ability to relate to real women, this is a problem that is only going to get worse.  It won’t be long before most guys are unable to interact with a real live female. 

Don’t be that guy, make sure you interact with real females and make sure you treat them as more than wank fodder. 

You know there is nothing better than a real woman who wants to spend time with you, whether that is online or in real life.  Let’s bring back the gentleman, you all know that is what the ladies love best.

Feel free to continue this discussion on my forum, I shall be there and hoping to hear from the gentlemen of the world.

3 thoughts on “Where Are All The Gentlemen?

  1. Ah yes. One of the reasons my own participation in sites is now virtually non-existent. There’s very little stimulating conversation and ideas around these days – and by stimulating, I do not mean wank fodder, which as you note just proliferates.

    One could get used to the newbies asking the same old questions and their excited revelations that leave everyone else yawning, but in between there would be the odd nugget of intellect and someone worthwhile talking to.

    I remember the style of sites back in the day. All the elements you describe would be there, but there were also females. It would be a complete surprise to those just after wank fodder that the females were often there for proper non-kink conversations. I spent many wonderful hours talking with some great people about anything except kink. Some good and lasting friendships.

    It rarely seems to happen these days.

    Don’t get me started on the way that the fantasists seem to get more extreme. I call them the munchausen subs, in that they dream up ever more extreme situations and punishments for someone else to endure – they themselves have no intention of actually finding out how the reality is so much better than the fantasy.

    Ooooo – I could go on and fill your boards 😉

    melody xxx

  2. I’ve noticed the same trend. It’s almost as if their little caveman brains can’t cope with treating women as humans, preferring to objectify and dehumanise them in a pathetic attempt to hold on to the outdated idea that men are in charge of everything. Time for them to get with the programme and evolve already. Women will not go back into the box we were stuffed into for so long.

  3. Feel free to comment on the boards, the more the merrier. Especially considering it is run by a real live Domme who will not be taking any crap from anyone.

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