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Women Want Lovers Not Wankers

There I am in the chat room of a chastity forum talking to a few of the guys.  One of whom sent me a link to a tumbler feed.  I politely advised that I don’t look at pictures.  There was a bit of discussion about the female being less visually stimulated and that it is really not often something they enjoy, looking at pictures of sexual activity.

Within a couple of minutes, one of the guys proceeds to post a pic of a locked dick in the chat room.  There was no excuse, just that he was working out how the chatroom worked.  Personally, I am more inclined to believe that he was being a complete asshole. 

Why when you are chatting to a well known real life female would you deliberately do something she has said she doesn’t like?

Does that make you feel more of a man?  Does it make you feel excited, do you start wanking off to the thought of the disgust on her face?  Do you think of the other guys who are now pissed off with you because one of the few females has left the chatroom because of your pathetic behaviour?

Probably not, you are probably so ridiculously happy with yourself that you don’t care about anything else but the dick in your hand.

Previously I asked where were all the gentlemen.  Now I think I need to change that to where are all the lovers?  Where are the guys who know how to do anything but wank off?

You want to have a woman writhing with pleasure?  You want to be able to satisfy a woman?  Well you have not a hope in hell if you are sitting there with your dick in your hand wanking off all the time. 

Real women don’t want wankers, we want lovers.  So get your pathetic little dick out of your dirty little hand and stop behaving like a stupid boy behind the bike sheds.

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