Male Chastity

2017 Hogmanay Lockdown Begins

Welcome to Mistress Jules Hogmanay 2017 Lockdown.  I hope you are ready to have some chastity fun and be locked in chastity and denial for the start of 2018.

As from this moment you are denied permission to orgasm or touch yourself unless it part of the instructions for the lockdown.  There will be no edging, no prolonged washing or application of lubricant.  In other words, keep your grubby hands to yourself.

The first phase of this lockdown is cleanliness.  You need to take a shower or bath and make sure you are squeaky clean.  Shaved top and bottom, full body shave if you can.  Toe and fingernails clipped, beard and/or moustache trimmed, all other extraneous hair trimmed and teeth brushed.

If you have a chastity device now is the time to clean it.  Get yourself some hot soapy water and give your device a good scrub, make sure you get into all the fiddly bits and make sure you dry it properly as well.

Now take a plastic container half full of water and place it in the freezer, we want it to be ice by midnight.

Time for a rest, make sure you have something decent to eat, especially if you will be drinking tonight.  At 8pm we start with the rest of the instructions.

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