Male Chastity

Next Stage of Hogmanay Lock Down

Now you are all prepared, time to start getting you ready.


Time to find a marker, some sort of sharpie or permanent marker.  If push comes to shove you can use a ballpoint pen. 

Use the pen to write above your penis “MJKH 2018”

This will help you remember why you are locked and keep you focused in the days to come.

Let’s make sure you have all your accoutrements to hand.  You will need your device or a ribbon or shoelace to bind yourself with if you don’t have a device.

Butt plug, if you have one, make sure it is ready

At 11.30pm you may edge for 2 mins whilst looking at what will be happening next.  Once you have completed your edging you can then insert the butt plug and enjoy the sensation whilst anticipating the rest.

By 11. 50 you should start putting on your device or binding your penis.  As midnight approaches you should be ready to lock your device on the stroke of midnight.  Welcome in the New Year locked.

Once locked please send verification to let’s see how long you can stay locked.  Then go get the tub of ice, put your keys in it and fill it with water and replace in the freezer.

Remove the butt plug after an hour of wear.

I look forward to hearing from you all in the New Year.

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