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Time To Come Home and Enjoy Chastity Again

Isn’t it strange with the ebb and flow of time how easily you can forget some things?  I recently went back and read about the very first time I became Keyholder for lockit.  Who is now my slave/partner/fiancée.

He had not been locked for some time and it was still early on in my foray into this wonderful world.  We went back and forward as the lock went on for a few days, him feeling out what was safe and what was not.  Me changing goalposts and heightening the frustration. 

That was such a wonderful and joyous time that I think it is time I went back there.  Too long have we played kink to a timetable other than our own.  It’s time for Mistress Jules to come back home and start enjoying this wonderful world all over again.

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