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Lock, Unlock and Lock Again

It’s so much fun when you lock your slave when he is least expecting it. 

With so much having happened over the past few months the kinky fun has been a bit touch and go with very little touching and a whole lot of going. 

However, this week Lockit has a full week of very hard physical work.  The perfect time to surprise him with a lock up.  We haven’t been doing too much of the locking up for any length of time as life just keeps getting in the way.  Amazing what going to a fetish club will do to bring that part of your brain back online and help you remember just how much you enjoy this wonderful world.

Those of you who have been here for a while will know that Lockit is an electrician.  As he wears a metal device we do not have him locked when he is working. I don’t care how silly it is, I am not taking the chance that he could get electrocuted and damage my property.  However, we have in place a system where he comes straight home from work, no deviations allowed.  No shopping, no visiting, nothing but straight home and lock. 

He then stays locked until he is just about to walk out the door the next morning. Lock, unlock and lock again.  This way I get to keep control and he gets to be safe at work.

Come Friday night he will lock and will not be unlocked until Monday morning when he goes back to work. 

I do love it when my Dommely Domme persona returns, she is just so evil and so much fun. 

I am sure I shall think of a few things to keep Lockit on the straight and narrow this week.  Watch this space. 

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