Books By Mistress Jules


Ladies Introduction To Male Chastity




A chatty and informative book written for ladies by a lady.  Let Mistress Jules inform your partner just how much fun male chastity can be from a female perspective.  Available now worldwide from Amazon.


Male Chastity For Beginners


Let Mistress Jules guide you through the beginning of your chastity journey in a safe and sensible manner.  Learn how to start and how to build up your ability to stay locked for longer.




Male Chastity – How to Introduce Your Partner




Effective advice on how to introduce your partner to the idea of Male Chastity.  Mistress Jules gives you information that will help you understand how not to make the mistakes which are so very common.  Giving you the chance to introduce your partner to some well deserved fun.


Domination – A Ladies Guide



Fed up of him having his own way in the bedroom?  Get this fun and informative guide on taking back that control and becoming more dominant in your relationship.