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Christmas Gifts for a Mistress
What would a Mistress Like for Christmas?

Whether your Mistress is your partner, online or a professional there are a few things that will always go down well at Christmas.  Let me put a few things together for you that may help you out at this time of year.

Toiletries – Always higher end than lower and always of a scent that she loves.  Not everyone loves lavender.  Personally I cannot get past the lush bath bombs, so luxurious and relaxing, these are a favourite.  Don’t get anti ageing anything if you still want to have bollocks in the New Year.  Much better to get some body oil that you could help rub in.  Soap is not a gift, do not make that mistake.

Clothing – unless you know the correct size don’t even go there.  If you do know the correct size then the best way to look at it is to buy her something she wouldn’t buy for herself but you know she wants.  No red underwear, we know you only want us to wear it for your enjoyment.  Something soft and luxurious or warm and cuddly are always a good option.  Nothing that makes us feel old, always something young and fun.  Oh and if you are in Scotland, anything that keeps her warm in the cold is good.

Jewellery – check to see what she wears already.  If there are no bracelets, what about a pandora charm bracelet.  Then you can add to it on birthdays and other special occasions.  Earrings are not particularly popular nowadays.  A pendant could be good if it is meaningful, unless she already wears one all the time.

Perfume – make sure it is one you know she likes, otherwise it will sit in a drawer.

Sexy stuff – don’t be too adventurous or it may be a step too far.  If she has not used butt plugs on you, a strapon may be a step too far.  If she knows nothing about chastity, don’t give her your keys as a surprise, it will not end well.  A Hitachi wand is a good idea as you can start using it as a body massager and progress from there.  A cheap violet wand can also be used for vanilla purposes.

If you have a Mistress who is already kinky then a hand made flogger or paddle is good as is any amount of equipment based on her kinks – not yours. 

Good luck gentlemen
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Im giving her the best present there is, ME Tongue

When that fails it will be clothing wrapped up and under the tree waiting for her lol.
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Aha, the minefield that is gifts or presents for a domme.

Unless it is your SO or close partner do not enter the realm of sexy clothing.  The only exception being if she's told you exactly what to get, what size and what colour.  Men generally buy such stuff for their own gratification without thinking about hers.  That's bad enough in a vanilla setting, but a sub doing that to a domme is most likely going to be in the dog house for a long time.  It really can be seen as topping from the bottom - because it often is.

How well do you know this person you want to gift ?  Unless the answer is very well, then the best option is found in that many dommes maintain a wish list.  This is stuff they actually want.  To the horny male wanting to show appreciation it may not be sexy to consider a book, a pair of trainers, a painting as a gift.  But she's going to appreciate it a whole lot more than your idea of a skimpy peignoir.  

Many dommes are quite considerate on their wishlist, too.  Items starting at a few pounds from a stretched wallet can be appreciated just as much as more expensive items.

Using your own initiative to wander off piste is fine, so long as you're prepared to find yourself on the black run out of control. 

And if she has no wish list, or there's nothing there you want to buy her, you can do something really radical.  You can actually talk to her and ask !!!
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