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Mastecomy Bra's
The wife has at time decided she wants to dress me and we have had alot of fun but we have always had a little problem with the bra's and breast forms.

They just seem to fall out a lot se we have decided to try this

[Image: 61UDXH6m5iL._UL1500_.jpg]
it is a Mastecomy bra that has pockets for you to insert your breastforms into.

I am sure these are a god send to women that have undergone surgery but am wondering if they are something that CD's ever use and what their experiences have been when wearing one.

Cheers, Coffee
[Image: 6whl3fpl0dh6jgtx.png]
I've been through that problem. The option of using medical adhesive is messy and you need to reserve a few days so you can make it worthwhile wearing the breast forms.

I think you've got a reasonable option there. On the other hand you might also look at a few bespoke outfit sites which will sew breast forms in to a bra. I have a few of these in different cup sizes and I'm quite happy with them.
Thanks for replying, do have a recommendation or a link to a site that I could visit to see whats available?
[Image: 6whl3fpl0dh6jgtx.png]

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