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Hello all!
Good day everyone,

I'm Ministress Grace, international lifestyle keyholder and chastity trainer. I trust some might have already come across my name in other chastity forums/websites.
Offering time-based sessions mainly, I've recently come to offer tasks and bondage based challenges on Emlalock. Speaking different languages has enabled me to have wearers a bit everywhere, from Australia to Finland, passing thru India and Taiwan.  

I appreciate lock-ups that are somewhat different: I've locked up a monk, I love full belts and I will never say no to a couple, given the 3 can work together. I haven't had the pleasure to lock up a woman yet, which I think at this point would be a whole new journey for me. 
I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the psychology of chasting males and I aim to make a difference. I cherish the fact that I can grow up as a human being first, as a Dominant and as a keyholder after, thanks to the exchange with my wearers. 

Looking forward to learn more in here! Thank you all for your time reading this Smile

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Welcome to the site, It has been a little quiet lately but it goes in waves and will at some point get very busy again.

This is a friendly comminty and I happy to be first to say hello x
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