Mistress Jules

A lady of many contradictions and a whole lot of reality Mistress Jules will keep you guessing.

A professional Dominatrix and Keyholder sessioning from the Glasgow Dungeon.

This website is dedicated to Male Chastity, Female Domination, D/s and much much more. With a forum and chatroom you are more than welcome to come visit, stay a while, or a while longer and find out just how real life works in tandem with a kink life for myself and others.

There are some very vanilla discussions in the forum as we all have vanilla lives to lead at work, with family members etc. There are also some rather kinky discussions from devices to club visits to teases and tasks. The whole gamut of life as a kinkster is here, we do hope you would like to visit a while, let us know who you are and come and join the party.



6 thoughts on “Mistress Jules

  1. Hello Mistress Jules,
    i just felt moved to read of Your accidental discovery of chastity. From a sub male point of view the mere thought of being so controlled is unbelievably thrilling, but when snapping shut that padlock on my CB3000 that thrill goes…supernova.
    Having seen Your profile on KeySafe i was delighted to find a UK-based Keyholder who actually enjoys keyholding and appreciates the high level of trust the wearer has demonstrated.
    i hope one day to have the courage to ask if You’d consider taking on a Welsh chaste-pet.

    1. Why thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch, I shall be sure to look out for you. I hope you are enjoying the site and put yourself forward for the padlock giveaway.

      Mistress Jules

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