Mistress Jules Information For Prospective Chaste Males

 Only the most serious may apply and there is a maximum of 5 accepted at anyone time, this is not a free service.  If you are still interested feel free to read on. 

If I accept you to be one of my chaste males there are a number of expectations that if not met will mean you will be removed from the programme.

  1. I expect an email of minimum 250 words before 8am gmt to let me know how you slept and if there were any problems.  This should also let me know how thankful you are to be under my control and your delight at being locked for me.  This email should have a verification picture of your locked state for the coming day.
  2. Before you retire for the evening I expect an email of minimum 250 words to let me know how the day has gone and if there are any problems I should know about.  
  3. Any photographs are not required to show your face and they may be put on my website to show your progress.

To apply to become one of my chaste males all you need to do is purchase one of my padlocks with no keys.  This will be sent to you and you will receive an email asking for information so we may ensure the best chaste experience for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

4 thoughts on “Mistress Jules Information For Prospective Chaste Males

  1. Hello Mistress Jules,

    Mistress this same slave from chastitymansion.com whose application You are still considering.
    Mistress please now give this slave a chance Mistress. Please just one chance. Just one chance.

    with respect,
    slave nikunj

  2. Hello Mistress

    I’ve had a Cb6000 for some time and have now obtained a close-fitting steel cage. Please will you consider me as another of your chastity slaves

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